software solutions
Design, develop and deploy integrated business applications for enterprises of any nature and stature.

we are specialized in these domains
Consolidating systems resources and data under the central control of our IT team, we accelerate and simplify every aspect of application, upgrade and patch deployment, management and support. We also specialize in cross - industry capabilities such as logistics, trading/distribution, manufacturing industry with the world class services.
services we offer

  • Technical & Business Consultancy
  • Software Application Strategy
  • Trend-wise Business Strategy Analysis
  • B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C Business Plan & Implementation
  • Innovative Business Proposal
  • High-end Business Concepts with State-of-the art Technology Backgrounds
  • Problem Identification & Solution
  • Risk Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Dashboard Development Services
  • Software Design and Testing
  • Software Maintenance & Enhancement
  • ERP / MRP Solutions
  • Desktop/Web/Mobile Application Software Development
  • Enterprise Mobility for Business Process Automation
  • Custom Business Application Development
  • M2M solutions

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    UNIQUE Finance and business solutions
    Consulting expertise skills diversity, and adaptability to meet client expectations
    Our finance and business solutions integrate internal and external management information across an entire organization, through various modules like Trading/Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing, Construction, HRM( Human Resource Management), CRM ( Client Resource Management System ), General Ledger, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts payable, Order Entry, Job Costing, Fixed Assets etc. They enable facilitation of information flow across all levels within the organization and management of outside stakeholders.
    our modules are
    Enterprise mobility for business process automation
    Empowering business to enhance productivity and lower total operational costs.

    Easy and faster access to information enables better decision-making and assures profitability in the long run.With the UWITS Mobility Solution offerings, you can give a new dimension to data visibility, productivity and informed decision making and ensure process improvements especially among teams that are frequently mobile.

    UWITS offers mobility solutions across the industry segments in association with the vertical teams. A brief snapshot on the set of industry segments serviced with the typical mobility solutions related to that industry is given below:

  • Enterprise mobility planning
  • Mobile application and development
  • Enterprise Mobility Deployment and Management
  • Mobile workforce Support
  • Mobility Monitoring and Analytics
  • UWITS is a leading software and web designing company that offers creative, custom tailored, high quality and cost-effective solution to business organization of all sizes...